Professional caregivers, assisted care facilities, and nursing homes can become necessary costs at some point in life. However, individuals can seek to avoid these expenditures for as long as possible with the help of an amateur home caregiver, such as a spouse or adult child.

There are plenty of tips and resources available to help home caregivers provide needed care to loved ones.

First, individuals should look into home modifications or additions that allow individuals to remain independent for longer. Grab bars and anti-slip materials in the bathroom can reduce the risk of damaging falls. Safety oriented step-stools, as opposed to chairs, can keep high shelves safely accessible. For those who need mobility equipment, wider doorways, front and back door ramps, and stairlifts can allow individuals to stay at home for significantly longer. Technically savvy individuals can look into home automation devices and systems that allow individuals to control appliances and other aspects of the home from a smartphone or tablet.

For caregivers themselves, one thing to remember is to seek help when needed. Plenty of online resources are available to provide helpful tips to home caregivers. Local support groups may be available through community organizations. For people caring for individuals with specific conditions, awareness groups often have tailored resources that can assist home caregivers. Some specific resources are listed at the end of this post. Additionally, home caregivers should recognize needing time off is perfectly normal. If other relatives are not available for help, it is possible to hire periodic in-home professional help to give home caregivers needed breaks.

Finally, as soon as possible, it is important for individuals to protect themselves financially from a potential stay in a nursing home. The sooner planning with an experienced elder law attorney can occur, the more likely it is individuals will be able to protect their life savings from the cost of a nursing home stay.

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Some resources for caregivers:
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