Couples in same-sex relationships generally have the same relationship goals as heterosexual couples. But the challenges these couples face are much greater.

According to the 2000 census data, there are nearly 400,000 same-sex households in the United States. By now the numbers are likely underestimated.

Same sex couples face more discrimination and less access to legal recognition and marriage in most of the country.

Chris MacLellan and his partner, Bernard Richard Schiffer, have shared their love and lives for over 11 years. Chris is the uncle of Becky King Niehoff who is a paralegal with our firm. She wants to share this touching and courageous story of this couples’ last several months together, which chronicles the roadblocks the two men had to face and overcome. In 2011, when Richard was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, treatment, financial decisions and care-giving were struggles that the couple had to confront.

Gay marriage is not just about two people uniting their lives, it’s also about allowing same-gender couples face death together and preparing for it with dignity and compassion.  The South Florida Sun Sentinel printed their story and their words in the Lifestyle section of the newspaper on Sunday, April 13, 2014.

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