Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning – St. Louis Elder Law Attorneys

A Life Care Plan gives peace of mind to clients and their caregivers.

A Life Care Plan is a holistic approach to long-term planning for our elderly, disabled or chronically-ill client. A Life Care Plan includes the services of an Elder Law attorney and an elder care coordinator who work together to enhance the quality of life of their clients.

The goals of a Life Care Plan are:

  • Meet the client’s immediate and long-term health care needs.
  • Counsel the client in decision making related to long-term needs.
  • Identify and access public and private resources to assist with the client’s care needs.
  • Provide emotional support and advocacy to the client and the client’s caregivers.
  • Assist with asset management and protection.
  • Protect the client’s right to safe and effective health care.
  • Respect and promote the client’s right to dignity and self-determination.
  • Promote the health and safety of the client.

A Life Care Plan helps to answer questions about long-term care choices, including what long-term care services are available, how to pay for care, how to assure financial security and how to provide for family members and others.

Life Care Planning offers an interdisciplinary approach to a lifetime of total care, all for an affordable flat fee. A Life Care Plan includes legal services to protect assets, coupled with a health care assessment, comprehensive care coordination and advocacy services. We customize the client’s Life Care Plan to meet their needs and desires, and provide the client with the road map to follow to achieve long-term care and asset protection goals. Even when changes occur, we stay with our client every step of the way to help shift to another road as it becomes necessary. The Life Care Plan connects concerns about long-term care as one goes through the later stages of life with the knowledge and expertise of Mitchell, Brown & Associates, LLC. Schedule your Life Care Planning consultation by contacting 314-962-0186

We encourage you to contact our St. Louis attorneys to get the advice you need. Together, we can discuss your long-term goals and advise you on planning that will allow you to reach those goals.