The Missouri Department of Social Services will begin sending annual renewal letters, starting in April 2023, to check the eligibility of all MO HealthNet/Medicaid recipients. These notices will come through the mail for all MO HealthNet recipients, including those who receive MO HealthNet care through managed care providers Healthy Blue, Home State Health, and United Health Care.

It is vitally important to update your address with the Missouri Department of Social Services if you are a MO HealthNet recipient who has changed addresses in the past three years. MO HealthNet recipients who do not get their renewal letter due to a change in address may be in danger of losing coverage. If you have changed addresses, you can either report the change online, visit a local resource center, or by calling (855) 373-4636.

The renewal letters will arrive throughout the year depending on the MO HealthNet recipient’s annual renewal date. The letter will contain instructions on what is needed for the recipient to continue receiving MO HealthNet benefits. Some recipients may not receive their letter until April 2024. Once the letter has been received, recipients should promptly complete any required steps to continue their MO HealthNet coverage.  

If you need help with any stage of the MO HealthNet annual review process, please call Mitchell, Brown & Associates at (314) 962-0186.