The Special Needs Alliance has published a new guide by James A. Caffry, Esq.,  on their blog for families with disabled individuals who are soon to turn twenty-two. A separate guide for families with a disabled child turning eighteen is also linked.

In many states, twenty-two is when educational services for disabled people end. Some schools providing services to disabled children may refer individuals to relevant adult services, but this can vary by state. Adult services for disabled individuals may also have different eligibility requirements than services for children.  

The guide discusses the various options that may be available for disabled individuals including work programs, housing, and assistance for caregivers. 

How to provide financially for an adult disabled child is also discussed. Special needs trusts can be a way to provide ongoing support. Families should work with a local, special needs attorney to make sure that any support they do provide does not interfere with a disabled person’s eligibility for government benefits. Families should also develop an estate plan that takes into account the needs of any disabled children. 

To discuss creating a special needs trust, estate plan, or other available options to provide for your disabled child, please call Mitchell, Brown & Associates at (314) 962-0186.

The full text of the guide is available here: What to Know When Your Child With Disabilities Turns 22