Verizon Partners with Law Enforcement to Help Stop Elder Abuse

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA); its subsidiary, the National Association of Triads, Inc. (NATI); and Verizon’s Hopeline have announced a partnership designed to curb domestic abuse among older adults. Elder abuse—specifically domestic violence in later years—is a vastly underreported crime. The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that older adult demographics are the least affected by crime. However, the National Center on Elder Abuse, backed by studies done by AARP, demonstrate that as much as 84 percent of older adults do not report crimes perpetrated against them. In between these two statistical data sets, older adults are suffering in silence. “A vital component of the NATI’s mission is to provide resources, services, and proactive means of crime prevention for older adults. Partnering with the Hopeline is a very effective, no-cost tool that places a cellular device in the hands of an older adult suffering abuse so that the individual can reach help quickly” says NATI Director, Edward Hutchison.

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